In our hospital, we offer you 223 beds facilities and qualitative services of 70 specialist physicians and numerous benevolent medical staff, who benefit from modern medical facilities in order to help both local and foreign patients.

  • 223 bed capacity
  • 85 specialist physician
  • 16 general practitioners
  • 5 operating rooms for general purposes
  • 1 operating room for ophthalmic surgery
  • 1 operating room for local surgery
  • Working hours: 08.00-16.00 Monday to Friday
  • 7/24 Emergency medicine

As a part of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative of UNICEF and the Ministry of Health, in 2014 our hospital was awarded Baby-Friendly status.

In October, 2013, we purchased an ESWT device which is used for painless and fast treatment of heel spur, elbow pains (tennis elbow and golfer`s elbow), shoulder pain and other alike disorders and sport traumas.

For diagnosis and treatment of retina disorders, we use modern angiography devices (FFA and OCT). Ophthalmic angiography is very important for establishing a diagnosis for diabetic and hypertension patients, especially for eye vessels and macular disorders.

We perform endoscopic surgery with flexible ureteroscope and holmium laser lithotripsy, so our patients with kidney stones can be treated without any incision or bleeding.

In 2014 we opened a “Mother Hostel”, where pregnant women from distant places can wait in safe conditions till parturition and benefit from professional health care. Mothers of babies, who need inpatient treatment in our hospital, can also stay in that hostel and remain close to their children.

In 2018 we opened a Palliative Care Unit of 9 beds.

We have an International Patient Department, offering translation services in English, German and Russian 24 hours 7 days a week.